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Colorado Vodka CompanySelecting the final CVC vodka recipe called for the need of a diverse group of individuals. We called in the best of the best that Denver had to offer as far as educated tongues, tasting with some of the top Sommeliers in Colorado, and many of the classic cocktail innovators in Colorado.

To formulate the finest Colorado Vodka possible, we first started with an in depth analysis and blind tasting of some of the biggest brands in the world.

In the end, through the continual addition and subtraction of sugar and different blends of corn and wheat, there soon emerged a clear profile that stood above the rest. We proudly put our CoVodkaCo recipe side by side with any top vodka in the world. For questions on gluten free products please visit www.celiac.com.

"The quality is in the bottle."

  • Western Slope Mule
    CVC, Ginger Beer, Splash of Rothman and Winter Peach Liquor
  • CVC Bull
    CVC Over Rocks, Fill with Red Bull
  • LODO Press
    CVC, Soda and 7, Splash Lemonade
  • The Glacier
    CVC and Water
  • The Red Rocks
    CVC, Fill with Cranberry Red Bull or Cranberry Juice and Orange Garnish
  • LOHI Martini
    CVC, Dolin Dry Vermouth and Olive Juice
  • Blake St Bomber
    CVC, Splash Crème De Violette and Grenadine
  • Tabor Tonic
    CVC and Tonic, Orange Garnish
  • CVC Crush
    CVC, Orange Juice and Orange Garnish
  • The Local
    CVC, Fill with Lime Red Bull top with Orange Garnish
  • The Blue Wing
    CVC, Fill with Blueberry Red Bull top with Orange Garnish
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