I-70 Westbound by The Railbenders


Colorado Vodka CompanyWe are Colorado Natives and have an extreme pride and loyalty for all things Colorado. Growing up in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, we learned to take advantage of our surroundings at an early age-participating in all the activities Colorado has to offer. From fresh powder to cool mountain streams, catching some sun during an afternoon Rockies game or losing our voices during a Bronco's victory; hiking, camping, fishing, off-roading-this was our Colorado.

We shared a great sense of pride for our small part in helping to develop this part of Denver, and in working alongside local and family run restaurants and companies. Long before the advent of the micro-brew and distillery movement that is so popular now, we addressed each night after work the lack of a truly local spirit with a downtown location and an identity-something the local crowd could get behind and support. For years, we discussed how fantastic it would be to have a Colorado-based spirit to support.

In the end, the simplest of ideas between the best of friends created what is now bottled under the CoVodkaCo label: a simple concept, a hand-picked recipe, and an honest passion for our home state.

"Our story is in the bottle."

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